FASD recources in Sweden

A number of resources in Sweden provide useful information on alcohol and drugs, pregnancy and birth defects.

For professionals

  • FAS-portalen
  • Centrum för forskning och utbildning kring riskbruk, missbruk och beroende, CERA

For families

  • FAS-föreningen

Research groups

  • Swedish research on adoptive children from Eastern Europe has been ongoing for more than twenty years. The research group is led by Magnus Landgren, Associate Professor, pediatric neurologist, Mariestad. The group includes several professions; pediatrician Valdemar Landgren, ophthalmologist Marita Andersson Grönlund and Emelie Gyllencreutz, psychologist Leif Svensson, orthopedist Eva Arling et al.

Researchers and other experts are included in the FAS-association's network and contribute with scientific expertise and competence. The foremost experts are

  • Magnus Landgren, Docent, child neurologist, Mariestad (research: adopted children from Eastern Europe)
  • Ihsan Sarman, MD, neonatologist, Stockholm (research: birth defects of drugs)
  • Jenny Rangmar, PhD, Gothenburg (research: adults with FASD)

Public information on drugs

  • Centralförbundet för alkohol och narkotikaupplysning, CAN
  • Systembolaget

Gouvernmental authorities and organizations

  • Nationellt kompetenscentrum anhöriga, Nka
  • 1177, Vårdguiden


The local administrator for FASD-Nordic in Sweden is Jenny Rangmar, PhD in psychology. Materials from Sweden for publication at FASD Nordic web site should be sent to sweden@fasdnordic.org