FASD resources in Norway

Competence centers/research groups working with FASD in Norway:

  • Regional Kompetansetjeneste – Medfødte Russkader (RK-MR)
  • KoRus Sør – Borgestadklinikken
  • Kompetansesenter Rus (KoRus) 

Some Norwegian experts on FASD and neurological sequelae after drug exposure in utero:

  • Gro Løhaugen, neuropsychologist PhD, Arendal  
  • Jon Skranes, MD, PhD, professor/neuropaediatrician, Arendal  
  • Marianne Møretrø-Flak, neuropsychologist, PhD, Arendal
  • Åse Lindland, social worker, Arendal

Governmental or other resources of relevance:

The Norwegian Directorate of Health - Helsedirektoratet

User organization:

There is no Norwegian association for FAS/FASD, so we refer to the Swedish organization FAS-föreningen (www.fasportalen.se) for comprehensive information in Swedish language, of different aspects of alcohol and drug-related birth defects and neurological impairments in children and adolescents.


The local administrator for FASD-Nordic in Norway is:
Child neurologist and senior pediatrician dr. med. Thorsten Gerstner, Department of Pediatrics and Adolescence Medicine (BUA), Sørlandet Hospital Arendal. Materials from Norway for publication at FASD Nordic web site should be sent to Dr Gerstner at norway@fasdnordic.org