FASD resources in Denmark

Resources for families

  • Familieambulatoriet: Outpatient clinics in each of the five regions of Denmark taking care of vulnerable pregnant women including pregnant women with substance use. In three of five regions of Denmark, the Familieambulatoriet also takes care of children prenatally exposed to substances. Read more
  • Foreningen FASD – mennesker med medfødt alkoholskade: fasd.dk

Resources for professionals

  • Network at the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior: for practitioners, officials and researches working with the topics of pregnancy, alcohol and other substances, FASD and neonatal abstinences (NAS). Contact: Helle Rotbøll Randløv

National guidelines

  • Danish Paediatric Society: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, 2019
  • Danish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Tobak og graviditet, 2019
  • Danish Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology: Alkohol og graviditet, 2016
  • Familieambulatorie-guideline: Håndtering af gravide med risikoforbrug af potentielt vanedannende medicin, alkohol eller andre rusmidler, 2015
  • The Danish Health Authority – Sundhedsstyrelsen, “Anbefalinger for svangreomsorgen 2013 


The local administrator for FASD Nordic in Denmark is: Nete Lundager Klokker Rausgaard, MD, PhD student, Odense denmark@fasdnordic.org