About FASD Nordic

FASD Nordic is a collaborative project between the Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, , Norway and Sweden, together with the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Åland. The mission of FASD Nordic is to provide a platform for professionals, NGO’s and others to share information, build networks and increase collaboration.

The initiative to FASD Nordic was taken at an expert meeting organized by the Nordic Welfare Center in Helsinki, Finland, in October 2019. The start and administration of this platform is the joint action of Arendal Competence Center in Norway and the FAS-föreningen in Sweden.

The Swedish association FAS-föreningen is a non-profit organization with main goal to improve the life situation for people with alcohol- and drug-related birth-defects. FAS-föreningen owns the website FAS-portalen, which offers comprehensive information in Swedish language. The association gets governmental funds.

FAS-föreningen welcome members from all Nordic countries. More information and contact here

Would you like to publish material on FASD Nordic?

Local administrators collect materials for publication at FASD Nordic. Contact the local administrator in your country for more information, see menu to the left. Questions regarding the FASD Nordic platform can also be directed to FAS-föreningen in Sweden at info@fasdnordic.org